For Turnovers up to £500k

Fastscreen’s Mega package covers studios and production companies working with turnovers of up to £500k and is suitable for established businesses. Package 2 is designed to provide Fastscreen’s great competitive, personalised insurance service, scaled to fit some of the largest and most complex productions.

Employer’s liability

Once you’re working with larger projects your employee counts will rise, and employer’s liability will become much more important. Don’t lose touch with anyone on your shoot, from talent and camera crew right down to runners and interns. Make sure everyone’s looked after with Fastscreen production insurance.

Tech equipment

Larger shoots don’t have to be more technically complex, but there’s no reason not to make sure that you can source and use the equipment you need to get the shots you want. Package 2 technical equipment cover from Fastscreen provides an affordable insurance policy that covers all the technical risks of your production, giving you the freedom to be as complex or as simple as you want.

Hired-in equipment

Hiring equipment is a key part of modern film shoots, but rental company insurance policies can pile up fast. Get a one-stop all-inclusive solution for hired equipment coverage with Fastscreen package 2’s hired equipment cover and get the kit you need to get the shots you require.

Public liability

Fastscreen’s expanded package 2 provides full public liability cover that meets legal requirements and comes in an all-inclusive package that takes the headaches out of film production insurance arrangements. Fastscreen can provide advice on minimising public liability and help you with liability claims – all part of the service.

Professional indemnity

Errors and Omissions, data loss, mistakes on set and many other mistakes all leave filmmakers liable for professional indemnity claims. Fastscreen provides a belt-and-braces solution, with our policy providing cover and the experts at Charles Milnes and Company providing decades of industry experience to help you avoid simple mistakes and get your shoot running like a well-oiled professional machine.



t/o up to £500k


For established businesses starting in the industry looking for cost effective insurance.

  • Mobile Phone/Tablet/Laptop: £2,000
  • Employers’ Liability: £10,000,000
  • Tech Kit In Premises: £20,000
  • Tech Equipment Out: £10,000 Worldwide
  • Hired-in Equipment: £25,000 Worldwide
  • Public Liability: £2,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity: (Optional + £295+tax)

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Statement of Fact

In order for us to help, please read the below.

  • I/we am/are a UK residents/businesses
  • Our wageroll does not exceed £ 150 000.00 annually
  • We do not make TV commercials or work to the APA contract
  • We do not produce programmes for mainstream terrestrial broadcast
  • We do not produce motion picture/feature film/mainstream theatrical release productions
  • Where we use sub-contractor companies (this does not apply to freelance crew) they must carry own insurance
  • We are not involved with hazardous filming (pyrotechnics/stunts/heights over 5m/watercraft/high speed vehicles/aircraft/animals)
  • We do not undertake set building
  • We do not undertake rigging
  • Single contract value not exceeding £ 50,000.00 (a + b) or £ 100,000.00
  • We do not work in the US
  • We have had no claims in past 5 years or no more than one claim in excess of £1,000
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