Turnovers up to £250k

For projects turning over up to £250k, our Kilo Package provides the flexible, reliable insurance you need to keep your production running smoothly. No shoot ever goes entirely right, and the more ambitious you are, the more potential for mistakes appears. Smooth out the bumps and give your production space to grow with Fastscreen.

Employer’s liability

Fastscreen provides full employer’s liability insurance to meet all the legal requirements set in place by UK law. Employer’s Liability provides cover in the event of bodily injury, disease or death arising from production or work, and must be referred to in an employee’s contract. Employer’s liability is one of the main areas of our contracts and Fastscreen will ensure you’re properly covered and compliant with the law.

Tech equipment

Another core aspect of the Fastscreen package, technical equipment insurance will be there to save you when a bolt fails and a thousand pounds of studio lighting falls twenty feet onto concrete. Technical equipment insurance covers both shooting equipment and post-production computers and systems, making sure you’ve got the tools to bring your vision to life.

Hired equipment

Hired equipment makes much more sense for smaller productions for economic and practical reasons. Make sure you can get the equipment you need and the confidence to use it with Fastscreen’s hired equipment cover, and avoid expensive hire company insurance policies.

Public liability

Minimise your impact on the world around you and make sure you’ve covered in respect to injury or property damage caused by your production’s activities. You can’t control members of the public tripping over cables or camera cars accidentally bending fenders in heavy traffic, but you can ensure you’re covered and able to pay for any damage. Fastscreen will help with both risk reduction and successfully navigating insurance claims in the unlikely event that you need to make them.



t/o up to £250k


For smaller businesses starting off in the indsutry looking for cost effective insurance.

  • Mobile Phone/Tablet/Laptop: £2,000
  • Employers’ Liability: £10,000,000
  • Tech Kit In Premises: £5,000
  • Tech Equipment Out: £5,000 Worldwide
  • Hired-In Equipment: £15,000 Worldwide
  • Public Liability: £1,000,000

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Statement of Fact

In order for us to help, please read the below.

  • I/we am/are a UK residents/businesses
  • Our wageroll does not exceed £ 150 000.00 annually
  • We do not make TV commercials or work to the APA contract
  • We do not produce programmes for mainstream terrestrial broadcast
  • We do not produce motion picture/feature film/mainstream theatrical release productions
  • Where we use sub-contractor companies (this does not apply to freelance crew) they must carry own insurance
  • We are not involved with hazardous filming (pyrotechnics/stunts/heights over 5m/watercraft/high speed vehicles/aircraft/animals)
  • We do not undertake set building
  • We do not undertake rigging
  • Single contract value not exceeding £ 50,000.00 (a + b) or £ 100,000.00
  • We do not work in the US
  • We have had no claims in past 5 years or no more than one claim in excess of £1,000
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