Turnovers up to £1 million

Fastscreen’s Giga production package covers studios and productions working with turnovers of up to £1m and is suitable for large projects and established studios. Insure the biggest projects or keep a full-sized studio protected with Fastscreen from Charles Milnes and Company.

Employer’s liability

When you’re running a full-scale studio or production company you’ll be employing a small army of specialists and staff of all kinds, and the potential for mistakes is higher than ever. Make sure you can look after all your people with employer’s liability from Charles Milnes and Company as part of the Fastscreen production package.

Tech equipment in studio

Fastscreen insures every technical aspect of your production, giving you the freedom to get whatever resources and kit you need to get that perfect shot, shoot that perfect scene or produce that dream movie. Our technical equipment insurance covers you for studio shooting, allowing you to get everything arranged for that perfect moment of film.

Tech equipment everywhere

Fastscreen’s production package covers equipment, tools and props worldwide, ensuring that you can be confident that your kit will be safe no matter where you’re working.

Hired-in equipment

Hire whatever you need – Fastscreen covers any specialist kit you might need to rent or borrow, and allows you to avoid the hire company’s potentially ruinously expensive insurance. Get the best, and don’t worry about the rest with Fastscreen.

Public liability

Protect yourself and members of the public from unforeseen circumstances while filming. Fastscreen meets all the legal requirements for public liability insurance and is constantly updated to ensure it follows the regulations, and makes meeting the legally mandated standards a straightforward one-stop process.

Professional indemnity

Cover against losses from interruption, abandonment or postponement of filming due to matters outside your control, not to mention damage to storage media, technical equipment, props, sets, wardrobes or anything else you need.



t/o up to £1 million


For established businesses starting in the industry looking for cost effective insurance.

  • Mobile Phone/Tablet/Laptop: £2,000
  • Employers’ Liability: £10,000,000
  • Tech Kit In Premises: £40,000
  • Tech Equipment Out: £30,000
  • Hired-In Equipment: £40,000 Worldwide
  • Public Liability: £5,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity: (Optional + £495+tax)

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Statement of Fact

In order for us to help, please read the below.

  • I/we am/are a UK residents/businesses
  • Our wageroll does not exceed £ 150 000.00 annually
  • We do not make TV commercials or work to the APA contract
  • We do not produce programmes for mainstream terrestrial broadcast
  • We do not produce motion picture/feature film/mainstream theatrical release productions
  • Where we use sub-contractor companies (this does not apply to freelance crew) they must carry own insurance
  • We are not involved with hazardous filming (pyrotechnics/stunts/heights over 5m/watercraft/high speed vehicles/aircraft/animals)
  • We do not undertake set building
  • We do not undertake rigging
  • Single contract value not exceeding £ 50,000.00 (a + b) or £ 100,000.00
  • We do not work in the US
  • We have had no claims in past 5 years or no more than one claim in excess of £1,000
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