Charles Milnes and Company are pleased to announce the launch of the new website for our film and television production insurance company Fastscreen, bringing our unique and personalised approach to film insurance to clients across the UK. Charles Milnes and Company bring more than two decades of experience in the film and television landscape to the table, and unparalleled expertise in working with film production clients both large and small for any kind of production.

Through our website aspiring and veteran producers and directors can access our range of insurance packages designed to scale to any size of film, be it a tiny student film or a major multi-location production. We offer case studies and more information about the numerous disciplines we cover: advertising, corporate videos, film and television, online video and new media, music videos, trailers, VFX-heavy productions and much more besides. The Fastscreen blog will aim to provide tips and tricks from both the world of film insurance and film making in general.

At Charles Milnes and Company, it’s our mission to create a rich institutional memory of all kinds of skills, connections and advances in the craft to help the filmmakers we work with develop themselves and their projects.

Charles Milnes and Company also operate a number of training, networking and social events for film producers, so keep an eye on our site and our other outlets for details.

Have a look around the site and find the production insurance that works for you. Charles Milnes and Company are waiting for your call.