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Fearlessly Frank

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Client/Job: ‘Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.’

Who were the producer and director on the job?

Produced by Millie Driver (1st rap) & Richard Crayton (2nd rap) and directed by Boris Thompson-Roylance (1st and 2nd rap)

What made the work new or unique?

The owner rapping about his own brand.

What equipment did you shoot on?

Arri Alexa

Where did you hire the kit?

Pixie Pixel

Where was the location/studio?

All shot in sunny Bournemouth

Was the project fun and what did you learn?

For the last scene, it was a lot of fun meeting all the fans of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee; he has a big fan base down in Bournemouth. We learned a lot on the project – one of our lessons was that if you’re filming a music video out in the open, make sure you have a speaker for playback!